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Rochford Hall Olive Oil is a relative newcomer to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil industry (EVOO). The boutique olive grove at Kellevie, has achieved rapid acclaim, winning state and national champion awards since the first harvest of olives in 2013. Medals have included Gold and Champion Oil of State received in 2013 and 2015. Entering the Australian Olive Association’s EVOO Competition in 2015 with the Koroneiki varietal, not only resulted in a Gold Medal but Champion Oil in the Delicate Category. 2016 has produced three more Gold Medals at the National Competition out of only three entries.

rochford-koroneiki-olive-oilOur Koroneiki Olive Oil

Koroneiki Olive Oil whilst of Greek origin- displays a characteristic fragrant aroma of apples and pears. It has a wonderful warm pungency, with a complex array of fresh herbs, followed by a smooth balance of rich pepperiness on the back of the palate.

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Picual Olive OilOur Picual Olive Oil

Picual Olive Oil is of Spanish Origin – portrays a fresh green grassy aroma and smooth body. Slightly floral, the bitterness & peppery kick ensures a good transfer to the palate, making it well rounded and balanced.

Both our boutique olive oils score well below the IOCC limit for FFA (free fatty acid) standard, with the addition of both the Polyphenol and Peroxide Value levels also exceptionally placed to ensure high quality and long shelf life EVOO.

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